Data Management Tools

Data Management Tools

Review Date: 4-Nov-2021

Reviewers: 1

Confidence: Low

Category Meanings

  • Leaders: High coverage and good data management execution whilst also thinking about the future.
  • Challenges: Perform well in the current market, but lack future direction and understanding of market direction.
  • Visionaries: Understand where the market is going and have a clear roadmap to achieving this.
  • Niche Players: High focus on smaller segments.
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AWS Glue is an event-driven, serverless computing platform provided by Amazon as a part of Amazon Web Services.3.33.6LinkMORE
Integrate all of your data with Azure Data Factory – a fully managed, serverless data integration service.2.13.5
Turn your data into compelling stories of data visualization art. Quickly build interactive reports and dashboards with Data Studio's web based reporting tools.2.32.1LinkMORE
Data Automation by Io-Tahoe is AI enabled software that executes repetitive data processes in an audited, controlled manner1.31.9LinkMORE
Anyone with Python knowledge can deploy a workflow. Apache Airflow does not limit the scope of your pipelines; you can use it to build ML models, transfer data,3.04.0LinkMORE
Talend Data Fabric offers a single suite of cloud apps for data integration and data integrity to help enterprises collect, govern, transform,3.42.0LinkMORE
Acryl Data. Acryl Data's vision is to bring clarity to your data through its next generation multi-cloud metadata management platform. 1.91.6LinkMORE
dbt is an open-source command line tool that helps analysts and engineers transform data in their warehouse more effectively.1.64.0LinkMORE
Stitch rapidly moves data from 130+ sources into a data warehouse so you can get to answers faster, no coding required.3.02.1LinkMORE
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